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Stich Color is software for making counted cross stitch charts out of pictures. A family photo, a painting, a drawing, they can all be turned into a pattern that you can use to create a beautiful piece of needlework. First you select a picture file, as is described in OPEN. Then you can RESIZE it. This may sometimes not be necessary, but be well aware that every pixel in your picture will become a cross stich. This means that a small picture of 200 X 200 pixels may become a finished work of over 14 by 14 inch (36 x 36 cm), depending on the canvas used, in this example a standard 28 threads (= 14 cross stitches) per inch canvas. Eventually after resizing it, you must CONVERT the picture. This changes a multicolored picture into one using the DMC colors. For a Stitch Color pattern the wellknown DMC floss can be used. There are 427 DMC colors so your picture may still have hundreds of colors. You can use all the colors and continue to generate a chart. But perhaps you want to use less DMC floss colors in your work. Therefore you can REDUCE the number of colors used. You may be surprised to see that with only about 40 colors your picture still looks very much like the original. Reducing colors is an option, it's not mandatory. After the optional resizing, the converting and the optional reducing, you can generate the CHART. This takes a while. Next to it you will see the DMC floss list. Now you can PRINT the chart and the DMC floss list. Done, and you are ready to start with your very own needlework. The Stitch Color program has an UNDO option that you can use after resizing, converting, reducing, or generating the chart. It brings you back one step in the program. If you need to go back more steps the best is to reselect File/Open and start anew with the original picture file.

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